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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Painting tutorial

Artists all have their own way of planning their painting, to get a pleasing result and I'm no exception. I have developed my own formula which I find works for me.
First, I do a few rough sketches of my idea. Then I meticulously plan the main characters and get the sizing correct. This is especially important for me as most of my work is illustrative and figurative. So I plan the main characters facial features and draw them up on tracing paper, until I'm happy. In this case, I'm showing my wisteria tree. The first bit of actual painting is of the background, which I layer up using acrylic paint, then build up with home made stamps, such as bubble wrap and raised wallpaper. I usually end with spraying paint through lace. I then use carbon paper to transfer my main figures onto the background. These are always very basic, as the complex details will then be painted in. If I'm using collage papers, I add them as I go along where I feel it's appropriate. If I'm selling the art as prints, which I always do, I then photograph it and store the images in the computer. Et voila!!!


  1. This was interesting to know, I can see how some of your paintings have been 'constructed' now. I love layering. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow lovely process the lace looks great such a lovely style you do have a style thats very you! lovely claire x

  3. I ADORE this painting. It's great to see it taking form. I wish I could afford the orginal. Until such time, I am so pleased with my print. I just realy, really love your work, Sue. I have your prints in my new office - all eleven of them.

  4. great to see how other artists work :) love this painting!
    did you enter my giveaway yet?
    I used to live in Leics! we lived at Harby near Melton Mobray.