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I am Sue Mochrie. An ever opening flower, waiting for sunlight to warm the rain drops. My creative thoughts and Art will be recorded in words and pictures.....

Friday, 30 April 2010

"Lulu" the flapper girl

This is Lulu, she's a whimsical 1920's party girl, who likes to dress up. As you can see, she wears a peacock feather in her hair.
This is an original painting in acrylics on canvas board. I've also used oriental collage papers and sequins to give a more 3D effect. " Lulu " is now for sale as an A4 print in my folksy shop. Thanks for stopping by ♥


Thursday, 22 April 2010

" Bath time! "

Although my garden is enjoying a makeover at the moment, I can still wonder at the lovely site of spring bulbs and pansies from my kitchen window. I planted up this tin bath, bought from a local hardware shop. It's always best to bang a few holes into the base of unusual containers and add some polystyrene chunks, to allow for drainage, before filling with compost.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

" Sea rose "

During the spring, I start to look forward to our Holiday in Cornwall. Mr Tony and I love to take cliff top walks and stroll through woodland. I took this photo on a favourite beach at Kynance cove. I've given it the vintage treatment! My first site of the sea is always a complete joy, as we live in the midlands!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The blossoms are out!!

At last the spring is here proper!! The blossom trees stand out from the crowd at this time of year for a fleeting few weeks. I have my camera in my bag at all times and my tripod in the car boot, so I can jump out of the car and grab a photo opportunity.
I took this photo of what I think are plum blossoms in my neighbours garden and gave the picture a vintage treatment. I like the hazy effects.

By the way, if anyone can recommend a colour printer, so I can offer my printed work for sale, I need to buy one !!!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

" The loneliest tree "

Sometimes I awake before it gets light and feel compelled to get out of bed and potter around, willing the darkness to go away!
As my house is big, old {and a bit scary!}, I feel safe in the little computer room. There's only space for a desk and some shelves! This morning I decided to make an Art photo, from this picture I took of a tree over a waterfall in north Wales, last Easter, before the spring leaf buds appear. It looks melancholy, but I know this reflects my nature, so hopefully I've put it to some good use ....

Friday, 9 April 2010

" Under the canopy "

Planting can be difficult in a woodland garden and I gave in to it a couple of years ago!
I just have to go with the flow and see which plants flourish. The unusually cold winter has killed off some prised palm trees and cordylines, but this plucky hellebore has just come into full bloom under the sycamore tree and reminds me of the beauty to be found "under the canopy!"

Monday, 5 April 2010

" Into the woods "

This week has been seven days of turmoil for me!! I have been I'll with appendicitis and am being treated with two types of antibiotics. Luckily, I didn't have to go into hostpital. I have used this hermit like existence to do yet more deep thinking about how I feel about my creativity. I guess if I were quite a bit younger, you could label me an "emo", but I shall remain a mad artist for now! This doorway for me symbolises my artistic spirit being set free, as I imagine a young girl running down the steps and through the summer gardens, into the woods. If it weren't for my week at home with hot water bottle, I never would have started this blog.
I took this photo in a favourite place.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

" Gateways to my Art "

Forever I have held an obsession with gates and doorways leading to secret gardens, or secret new worlds. Maybe I believe they will bring me to a place called "home", where I can be safe and understood for all that I am, for we are many things and the need to be oneself is held within us all. These photos were all taken in Cornwall 2009, a place dear to my heart.