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Saturday, 7 August 2010

mini moo card magic!

I have been so busy lately with my shops that I have decided not to promote as much.
My blog is my favorite place to share my art and thoughts, so I'll be sticking with this, rather than tweeting and hanging out on facebook. I was so pleased to see two more sales in my new etsy shop today. I do hope it takes off as well as the folksy shop. My art studio, (dining table!) has been set up and ready for new paintings for a week now, but no work has been started!!
I have been working on reviving some older paintings, ready to show them for sale as prints, which I'm really looking forward to sharing with you soon. For now though, I have to show off these beautiful mini cards by moo, which I can hardly bear to part with!


  1. Oooh these cards are beautiful! Like little works of art.

  2. they look gorgeous! and i can see my little moroccan print in the back :))

  3. I love moo cards, I use some of mine as price signs at craft fairs. Yours looks great all combined together like that.

  4. I love your art! Beautiful. I have been getting Moo cards for some time and they are wonderful. :) Yours are gorgeous!

  5. I love Moo cards too. They are great and yours look lovely arranged in the picture like that.")