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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Foxy the vixen, up-date

Some of my readers will know that I have been befriending a little fox vixen for over a year now.
She lives in a very rural area, surrounded by farmland and ancient woodland. I was so pleased to see that she had survived another year, when I saw her this spring. I have taken many photos over the last year, mainly because she is so bold and will sit around outside the cottage, waiting til you come out to her. So I've included a few more pics for you to enjoy.

On a more serious note, in the UK, fox hunting has been banned. However, there are plans to repeal the ban. If you would like to sign the petition against the repeal, visit the campaign for decency. I would warn you, there are a few unsettling images further down their page.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe she's so bold!!

  2. how lovely so sweet she looks totally at ease with you x

  3. What a lovely story!!! We used to see baby fox play in our yard in CA. The parents were always nearby, ready to growl if we came too close. I'd put cat food out to get them to come a little closer so we could marvel at their beauty. I love your pics of this beauty of a vixen fox!! She certainly trusts you.