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I am Sue Mochrie. An ever opening flower, waiting for sunlight to warm the rain drops. My creative thoughts and Art will be recorded in words and pictures.....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"Shady Hazy Meadow"

When I painted "Hazy Meadow" a few months ago, I personally thought it was one of my weaker artworks. It seemed a bit too simple, with its dandelion clocks billowing in the breeze. I was proved wrong though, as it is looking to be my best selling 8"x10" Matt print.
I thought it would be good to see what the work looked like in other shades, to go with different room decors. So here it is in Scarlet and lilac. I'm giving it a try in my shops. The original yellow tones print is still there in my etsy and folksy shops.


  1. I love the top pinky/red one - so bright and striking. I also love how theres a lot going on in the painting - I could look at it for hours and keep noticing different things.

  2. lovely message you left today thank you ..... remember you asked me about galleries well i hate them, they are very unaproachable ive had some lovely exhibitions in nice restaraunts and fancy bars but galleries scare the pants off me plus the commission is way too high and they act as if they are doing you a favour ...... but maybe the smaller ones are more approachable local ones etc xx