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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cornish Angels

During our stay in the Cornish countryside, I managed to paint two new pictures. The whole holiday seemed to feel very much like a spiritual awakening, or it could just be a mid life crisis in my case! In any case I had to get some angels out of my system and painted "Angel with owl" and "Angel with robin". They're acrylics on paper. I just received prints of these in the post, which I'm very pleased with. The prints are available to purchase from my etsy and folksy shops. They can also be bought framed or as cards from redbubble. Many thanks for viewing ♥


  1. the same thing happens to me when I go to cornwall, beautiful pictures :)

  2. Truly gorgeous.


  3. They are gorgeous. Such sweet expressions!

  4. Aloha Sue thank you for visiting my blog!

    I absolutely Adore your Art and Luv Your Etsy Shop! Wonderful Cheery & Delightful Photos ant paintings I look Forward very much to Following your Work. Windy Spring

  5. So perfect! These are so lovely. I'm going to have to explore your etsy shop...

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments, I really appreciate them ♥