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Monday, 6 September 2010

"Cherry tree cottage"

I think I painted this sweet picture because I secretly want to live there!! I definitely want to live in a cottage in Cornwall anyway!! Luckily I have a great secret place to stay and I'm off in a couple of weeks. Will show you some picturesque photos when I return.
So, I managed to finish this tiny 4" x 4" collage and list it in my etsy shop. I'm not sure how my small originals will go, but they are so much more beautiful than a print, even though the prints are lovely in their own right.


  1. I love this :) Makes me wish I could step into the picture. xx

  2. You have really beautiful blog and I just love your colorful art and fresh photographs!

  3. Que belleza de imagenes!!!!! puedo coger alguna para mis montajes???? son tan preciosas que seguro me inspiran un cuento...dime si tienes algun incoveniente por supuesto que seria en plan muy de casa..quiero decir para mis sobrinos y amigos....Espero con mucha ilusión tu respuesta, encantada de conocerte
    un abrazo Begoña

  4. This is so pretty and full of summer! I love the tree as a changing motif through the seasons. Just trying to hold on to the last of the summer and your picture helped me do that!

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments, it means so much to me x