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Saturday, 15 May 2010

" Gypsy prints "

My new mini prints sold as soon as they were listed in my folksy shop! Part of their appeal may be the way I have digitally enhanced my original art, by adding a vintage handckerchief boarder, making them resemble the busy fabrics you might find inside a gypsy caravan.
Mini 4 x6" prints are for sale in my folksy shop ♥


  1. http://meyerprints-merianbulbflowers.blogspot.com/

  2. really lovely and different its nice to play around with prints the variations are endless im loving folksy its really catching on x

  3. Lovely! I was lucky enough to be invited to take my class to visit a settled travellers' camp, and you're right about the busy patterns. I was amazed at how houseproud they were, the number of gorgeous fabrics used and patterned china that was on display.