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Sunday, 20 June 2010

" Cornish encounters "

Now that we are back from our holiday in Cornwall, I have the joy of sifting through the hundreds of photos I've taken, {and removing all the blurred ones!}.
I took some water colour paper and a couple of mini canvases and managed to get five artworks finished, in between reading Ruth Rendell books! Ah the joy of blank canvases waiting for paint! So, here's a couple of the finished works, nestling in the hedgerow. I've used a mixed media of acrylics and oriental papers to make these collages. Wait a moment though, we have a visitor in the depths of the woodland. Yay, it's Foxy from last year, still as pretty as ever. Here she is looking cute for the camera and having a chat with Tony, probably about what to put on the barbecue today!!


  1. oh he's so close! That sandy cove looks great - next weekend we're taking our walking boots off to the Isle of Wight, hope we have the sunshine you had in Cornwall!

  2. I LOVE those new works you've photographed in the hedge. Great photos with the fox too, hes a curious little fellow! I love Cornwall, its where a lot of inspiration for my work comes from, after a holiday there a few years ago. I love looking back on my photos.

  3. beautiful photos :) and snap with the fox lol...

    going to cornwall myself in 2 weeks, can't wait :)

  4. We'll be back in Cornwall in September, yay!!
    Just to remind y'all, foxy is a vixen and we have known her for a year now. She bought one of her cubs to see us one evening. Hopefully, with kindness, she will survive another year. Many thanks for your comments ♥

  5. aww, how absolutely lovely!

  6. she is beautiful, love Cornwall!